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Many businesses will already have processes and procedures in place to ensure that mission critical functions can continue after an unexpected event or disaster. To an extent these are untested and sometimes not frequently updated especially in view of rapid technological advances which 'overnight' could prove catastrophic to your business. 

InventAsia can help with the implementation of policies, preventative measures and recovery strategies as well as providing an ongoing monitoring, audit and verification. The provision of 24/7 back up and redundant facilities can also form part of our scope. 

InventAsia are ISO 27001 (Information Security Management System) accredited and in particular apply this management system throughout our business especially in Data Protection Compliance within several different Jurisdictions. In our view, the overarching principle to successfully mitigating risk and avoiding serious issues is to always clearly understand what the risks can potentially be in any operational environment and being ahead of them (preventative). We can demonstrate successful applications of this element through our own expertise and track record.



Increasing pressure on social media operations from the Community and Government is targeted at Social Media Companies to ensure Content Policy Enforcement, in particular that which is intolerable, offensive, damaging to the Community and in many cases; in breach of local laws as well as in the area of Data Protection. 

InventAsia can support clients Globally with a robust, secure content review service as part of its clients community management operations, delivering a 24/7 efficient monitoring capability in line with your 'must have' Corporate requirements and policies. Thus, minimising the risk as much as possible, by using extreme vetting initiatives and ongoing the development of tools to ensure for example: that content is not threatening to the community, politically bias, discriminating, or in breach of regulatory requirements in all applicable jurisdictions. 

InventAsia’s highly skilled, tech-savvy staff are supported with bespoke software (a constant and evolving work in progress) and research into the application of artificial intelligence. 



Irrespective as to whether you have your own “in house” IT resources, it is most likely that you require additional IT support some or all of the time.

InventAsia offers a highly efficient, scalable, “on demand” service to its customers. Many businesses experience difficulty in acquiring and retaining “in house” IT talent. IT staff inevitably require support whilst it is highly likely that you will require a business continuity plan as well as round the clock cover every day of the year.

We can create your own “captive” remote IT support team whose primary goal could be to maximise uptime for your organisation across most areas of technology including infrastructure and hardware, software and connectivity. A 24/7/365 resource which is fully managed would provide the complete back up you need to your existing IT resources whether that be a single site or a Global operation.

Alternatively, inventAsia can assign IT resources to meet your specific business needs.

Either way whichever service option you require, the Service Level Agreement and KPI would be clearly determined and agreed in the pre-engagement process especially the response time and actions from Helpdesk teams and the escalation process.

Our service can also include the provision of data centre, cloud applications and infrastructure support engaged in core technologies.



InventAsia’s software development services provide for the development of your concept/ specific requirements, from which the entire process of development would include functional features, documenting, testing, bug fixing, as well as creating and maintaining applications and frameworks. 

Critically, we save time from the outset on new projects so as to meet client expectations in terms of functionality, cost and delivery schedules. The key to a successful outcome is greatly assisted by adequate project scoping by the client from the outset. InventAsia will help you with this important element. Our experience enables us to ask you the right questions helping you to be clear about what you want the software to do from the point of commissioning and in the foreseeable future.

InventAsia have the demonstrated expertise, tools and methodologies to implement your desired software, maintain it and develop upgrades as and when required. We are very interested in partnership models of engagement wherein the software development, deployment, upgrades and maintenance can be on a “pay per use” basis thereby minimising cost outlay on the client side. 


Shared Services

The shared services model is a well tried and proven concept. For example, having a centralised finance and accounting unit responsible for all of your business operations as opposed to having individual units at each of your operational locations makes good business sense.

Having such a facility located where there is good access to the skilled manpower you require, is cost effective and one which if desired can operate 24 hours every business day (or even 24/7) should provide you with cost saving and competitive advantages.

In considering this model you may wish to own the facility, resources etc but require third party expertise and specialised knowledge to build and operate it.

InventAsia can custom build for you a remote staffing model which will include the appropriate skilled employees, technology, infrastructure and other key resources in order to provide an operation that will deliver one or more of your desired business processes.  This could be described as a “semi – outsourcing” model wherein inventAsia manages the operation “end to end” for you for a predefined period of time.

From the outset the staff, technology, and resources are yours whilst at the end of the agreed management period (by inventAsia) the ownership is transferred to you. In effect, a form of Build Operate Transfer.

The benefit of this model is that it accelerates your time to market by eliminating the need for you to undertake a time consuming and capital-intensive exercise of building an offshore subsidiary. Clients benefit from operational alignment installing guidance and control especially in key processes such as recruiting and the instalment of your corporate culture from the beginning.



Whilst inventAsia are focused on our specific fields of expertise as described above, please do get in touch if you have a particular business process or requirement that you are considering outsourcing.

We would be delighted to have a confidential and informal discussion concerning feasability of your project concept.


Internationally recognised quality & information security accreditation


InventAsia is fully audited and certified to ISO 9001 (Quality) and ISO 27001 (Information Security and Management System) Standards.