Invent Asia


Delivering competitive advantage 

Our Background

At the time of inventAsia’s founding it soon became active in providing project management and process engineering services to the beverage, food and pharmaceutical sectors. The business quickly expanded in the early 90’s with projects in China and in the Far East as well as the UK, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.  The company established a presence in the Philippines, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Singapore also establishing joint venture partnerships in Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia.

In 2005 inventAsia launched a healthcare division called preScribe (see  Currently Prescribe Digital provides a data transcription service to numerous public and private hospitals in the UK.  preScribe Australia has been awarded a five - year contract by a state government for it's clinical document model. In the delivery of the Prescribe Digital service, inventAsia has developed user software applications for the hospital and clinic environment. It has also developed the complete IT architecture, software solutions and back end applications to ensure a completely automated and "joined up" process.

InventAsia has achieved a very high reputation for quality and is ISO 9001 Quality accredited. The company is renowned for excellent levels of customer service (operating 24/7). We have also attained the highest levels for Information Security and Data Protection. Consequently, inventAsia is fully accredited to ISO 27001 (Information Security Management System).

If you have a requirement for any of our specialised services that we offer you will of course be seeking confidence that we can deliver and provide you with a sustainable solution. 

It is exciting what collaboration can lead to when you have the right business partner.

Values & Social Responsibility 

InventAsia’s growth and success has occurred mostly due to the passion, skills and dedication of its staff. The company is proud that its attrition rate has always been at exceptionally low levels, an aspect which has been maintained for many years. We support personal development and encourage staff to travel to broaden their thinking as well as experiencing new learning and training opportunities. Whenever possible inventAsia promotes from within the organisation so that everyone is given an opportunity to pursue the career level and ambitions they desire to achieve.

In the Philippines, our staff are provided with first class working conditions (comparable to any leading industrialised nation) as well as first class terms of employment, benefits include healthcare which extends to their wider families.  The company also operates a 'more fun in inventAsia' theme in which the staff engage in various activities and team events throughout the year outside the work environment.  Some events are focused on the needs of the underprivileged and those in society who are unable to support themselves.

InventAsia is passionate about its vision that in providing well paid and fulfilling employment, less employees are attracted to work overseas which in itself can provide huge pressure on families. The business is not just about making profits but also about having a social balance, high ethical standards and responsibility to others.