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Established for over 30 years , inventAsia have the knowledge and experience to provide trusted outsourcing solutions to the public and private sectors.

Your business for example may require short / long-term additional human resources in specialised areas, or you may need a remote IT operation 24/7 to support your global business activities.

Such an operation could be implemented as part of your expansion strategy, risk mitigation, or disaster recover measures.

Given our expertise inventAsia enables you to grow your business quickly and efficiently providing a sustainable and scalable solution. We serve SME's and major Corporations, many of our clients have grown with us as the benefits to them have been quickly realised giving confidence in what can be achieved.

As an example of our capability inventAsia delivers a clinical document management service to the National Health Service (NHS) in the UK which is a large volume, highly secure (data protection), efficient workflow process with critical delivery times maintaining a vital part of the patient care pathway.  

InventAsia offers flexible business models to suit your requirements, these could be based upon a well defined service level agreement over a fixed period of time. Additionally, inventAsia can custom build for you a remote staffing model which will include the appropriate skilled employees, technology, infrastructure and other key resources in order to provide an operation that will deliver one or more of your desired business processes. 

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